Garnet Runestar is a Utah based cosplayer that hoards fabric like a Dragon and loves Zelda more than some people love their family. In the 8 years she has been cosplaying, she has earned over 20 Best in Show awards and was part of Team USA 2014 For the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya Japan. Most recently she (and her cosplay partner Pannon) won the Team USA title for the Clara Cow Cosplay Cup taking place in The Netherlands in June of 2017. When she's not making ball gowns she works with Utah based charity group The Court of the Elven Fae and works to be an active voice for Cosplay Positivity. She collects sushi Earrings and tries to wear too many sparkly things at once. She loves meeting new people, learning new sewing techniques and is an awkward llama 98% of the time.