Ri Care is a Canadian professional cosplayer and model. Growing up, she always had a huge passion for video games, animated tv shows and movies, and also for modelling. Once cosplay was introduced into her life, she fell in love with the idea of becoming the characters she idolized as a child and her whole life. 

Her cosplay journey began in her first year of art school - where she quickly realized that her passion for creating art wasn't being fully explored in the confines of classes. So, taking a huge risk, she decided to hold off on school and jumped headfirst into cosplaying. For the last five years she has grown her following from nothing to the reach it is today, over 290k followers and growing everyday. 

Cosplay has opened tons of doors for Ri, and given her a chance to appear as an international cosplay guest, judge and panellist around the world. In the last year alone she has attended ExpoAnimex in Xalapa, Mexico, AARC in Asheville, NC, and Hal-Con in Halifax, Canada. 

Everyday she learns new tricks, techniques and comes up with new ideas on how to improve her craft and create costumes she can share with the internet and the world. Her fiancee and longtime partner, Cassie, has been her photographer since day one. Growing together, Ri taught herself the in's and out's of cosplay while Cassie taught herself all there is to know about photography, specifically cosplay photography. One can never have enough knowledge, and both know they have a way's to go still! 

Ri has made a large variety of cosplay costumes and props from Anime, Video Games, and Comics so far, and continues to spread her wings and test the waters further with every new costume and idea. Some of the costumes have become quick popular online, for example, her crossover Harley Quinn/D.Va cosplay, Anastasia cosplay, Max Caulfield from Life is Strange Gwen Stacey/SpiderGwen from Marvel, Lightning from Final Fantasy, and Caitlyn from League of Legends. Over the years, Ri has built a successful business including her large following and enthusiastic and engaged fanbase. Working with large companies like Blizzard Gaming, Miccostumes, Uniqso, RPC Studio and collabing with talented creators such as Brandon Gilberto and Fenix Fatalist. 

Despite the fast growing and fast-paced environment, the one thing Ri looks forward to the most is meeting friends, fans, and other talented individuals all around the world whenever she can. She hopes to be someone people feel comfortable meeting with, and someone beginners or other cosplayers can really look up to.