Mara-san is a cosplayer from the Southwest with an avid love for nerd culture and all things otaku. She’s been cosplaying for around six years but has been working at it professionally for the last two. She’s been to local and distant conventions - including one in Guam last year - as a guest and as a visitor, serving on panels, selling prints at booths, and taking part in competitions both as a judge and as a competitor.

Mara-san has won awards in various competitions for best craftsmanship, judges’ choice, and as part of a group from conventions like Las Cruces Anime Days and El Paso Comiccon. In Guam, where she was a featured international guest, Mara-san was featured on live radio and on local television shows.

Panels are an important part of the cosplay community, and a few that Mara-san has offered include Cosplay on a Budget and Cosplay Bullying, and she will be offering a panel discussing Cross-playing and Gender-swapping.

Some of her favorite things about cosplay are the community and the opportunities, like traveling and meeting new people. Other than the fun and challenge of building the cosplays, her absolute favorite part is dressing as beloved characters and interacting with others.