Nikki Karay became hooked on cosplay in 2014 when she first attended a convention as Link from Ocarina of Time . The hobby has since brought her some of her closest friends, a  reative outlet to help de-stress, and a chance to travel places she wouldn’t have otherwise! She loves learning something new with each cosplay, like sewing techniques or trying different materials for armor and weapons, and hopes to continue building bigger and better projects to share with the community! Nikki’s favorite cosplay is Yang Xiao Long from RWBY, which she created as part of a group that won Best Craftsmanship at Las Cruces Anime Days 2016 and Best Group at El Paso Comic Con 2016. In addition to attending conventions, she also presents panels on topics such as intro to cosplay, cosplay bullying and harassment, tackling props, and cosplay on a budget, and hopes to add more as her skills grow.

Nikki’s main goal with cosplay is to bring the community together to enjoy their fandoms, and to help people feel like they have a space they can create in and the ability to do it! When she’s not cosplaying, Nikki works as a software engineer at NASA. She also loves gaming, making music, house projects, and time with her friends and cats! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as @nikkikaray, or on her website at www.nikkikaray.com.