Streetfighter II: Restoration & Remix
05/10/2019 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Les E. Claypool III

Les Claypool presents a fascinating, one of a kind audio/video panel that includes his actual audio sessions and visuals from the Streetfighter II feature film. Beginning with some behind the scenes stories and rare, never before seen document scans from the 1995 dub, Les then explores many of the audio enhancements and fixes (including “before and after” examples), as well as the final mix work involved in the 2016 Discotek Blu-ray release. This is the first time that the original Japanese music score has been mixed with the 1995 English dialog tracks. The audio tapes, preserved for 20 years, were digitized, edited, and remixed to a new picture source by Les just weeks before Magnitude 8 Post closed it’s doors forever.