For close to 8 years lXNDR has been crafting his techniques as a DJ mainly specializing in Trance and various underground sounds. His sets are an exciting and unique blend of Trance subgenres from Tech to Uplifting and everything in between. He's pleased and extremely honored to be making his ABQ debut at the annual Sabaku Con. Won't you join him for a journey through a world of basslines and melodies.

Mr Saturn

Born and raised in AZ. Studied music for a year and a half and it ended up not being for him. He didn't want to give up on music entirely so he decided to take up djing because of his love for edm and music in general.


Born and raised in Phoenix, Tsukasa has been djing for 6 years now. Her career started at raves, but has since moved on to playing more conventions celebrating anime and comics. Inspired by various UK artists, Tsukasa has brought her own up beat style to mixing and performing. Feel the bounce!


If you love the happy hardcore, dub step, and video game music and all that is awesome, DJ ThiNyx (originally DJ Z3r-0) is a person you will not be disappointed in. Since his debut at Phoenix Comicon 2012 at the Poke-Rave his popularity in the convention scenes have grown significantly even performing along side Greg Ayres. If you have been waiting to party like no tomorrow, get ready for ThiiNyx!


For over a decade Blakeland has been a favorite at local Raves, Clubs and Conventions around Arizona. His love for heavy basslines and melodic melodies will entrance you as he delivers a set that is both driving and powerful playing a mixture of Trance, Psy and Techno. The only disappointing thing will be if you miss this set.