All of our cafe sales are now open online!

Awaken Maid Cafe
Stop by and visit with Awaken Maid Cafe and each of their rainbow assortments of butlers and maid that are dying to meet you! Relax with us as you enjoy yummy foods, fun games, and live dance performances! We look forward to serving you all!~ $10 per person

Tokyo Mew Mew Cafe
Join the mahou shoujo heroines of your childhood in this Tokyo Mew Mew transform themed cafe! Join the Mew girls in fun, games, and dancing with light refreshments. This event is hosted by Kirei Cosplay Cafe, a 6-member group local to Albuquerque who have been serving the patrons of Sabaku con since year 1. We're glad to be back bigger & better to provide the most exciting entertainment possible! $10 per person

Sailor Moon's Lolita Tea Party!
Join the Sailor Scouts of Uttori no Senshi for a Sailor Moon themed Lolita tea party! Featuring yummy treats, contests, prizes and special Scout themed games, like Princess Serenity Says! Lolita attire welcome but not mandatory. $10 per person