Please welcome your 2018 DJs


If you love the happy hardcore, dub step, and video game music and all that is awesome, ThiiNyx (originally DJ Z3r-0) is a person you will not be disappointed in. Since his debut at Phoenix Comicon 2012 at the Poke-Rave his popularity in the convention scenes have grown significantly even performing along side Greg Ayres. If you have been waiting to party like no tomorrow, get ready for ThiiNyx!


An independent kawaii future bass artist from Tucson Arizona trying to bring kawaii culture to the masses!


Austin Wright is a soundtrack and trance music enthusiast, anime remix DJ, and the maintainer of Radio Hyrule, an Internet radio station dedicated to remixes of music from the Legend of Zelda franchise. Tweet your favorite shows to @awwright on Twitter! 

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I started falling in love with electronic music when I started playing Dance Dance Revolution. I enjoyed the fast beats and visuals of the game. My friends started sharing their music from the extensive spectrum of electronic music. I got into trance, electro house, hardstyle, happy hardcore, progressive house, and so on. This was in high school and I also picked up DJing around then. I listened to podcasts from some of my favorite DJs, i.e. Trance Around the World, A State of Trance, Club Life, Vonyc Sessions, and recreated the transitions on their shows. From their I developed my own style and refined my skills. DJing for me is another way I appreciate music. So let's fall into the music together. 


trancethetics is one of many new aliases under the original lXNDR alias which oversees all things related to Trance. Taking everything lXNDR had to offer in the realm of trance trancethetics refines it to a more niche sound that thrives in the mysterious and dark world of Tech Trance to the Euphoric, Melancholic and Uplifting heights of Classic and Uplifting Trance