Kaida Cosplay is an award winning cosplayer and is most known for her cosplay hacks on instagram and her Makima cosplays. When she isn't setting up cool photo studios at home and doing cosplay photoshoots, she is working on making her own cosplays. Kaida's cosplays have a jack of all trades feel since she does both foam armor cosplays/props and sewn cosplays. She also alters or makes additions to most of her bought cosplays, and her favorite part about cosplaying is wig styling. As a cosplay model, Kaida also spends her time editing her own photos and posting full photo sets to Patreon where she also teaches others how to make their own at home photo studios. Kaida has also collaborated with over a dozen brands on Instagram within the past year. She greatly enjoys interacting with others and talking about their most recent cosplay builds, ideas, and techniques!