Please join us for our Saturday Night Rave!

The Rave will be in Main Events, Saturday 5/27, 11pm to 2am.

Join our DJs for our Saturday Night Rave!

Jordan aka The Red Panda is a New Mexico based producer, DJ, musician, and all around artist. His musical career started in the church playing drums when he was only 9 years old.

By the time he reached highschool, his passion for music was at full bloom. In 2018, he created his alias, The Red Panda, and also uses his artistic skills to create his branding, album art, and videos.

He has since then performed at several local venues throughout New Mexico such as Inside Out, Cowgirl, Launchpad, Art Walk, and also headlined MAGwest ( Music and Gaming fest west ) in 2021, representing the Independent video game inspired record label, Tiny Waves. 

Jordan has also worked in the gaming industry, composing the soundtrack to the lowpoly indie platformer, Toree 2, which is currently sitting at 67k streams. Toree 2 was developed by Marcus Horn and his team at Siactro; Jordan has several projects in the works with the Siactro team.

He takes inspiration from the likes of Tokyo Machine, Hideki Naganuma, Knower, and Grammy nominated Haywyre, who has given him accolades on his single ‘Digital Dream’. 

He can’t wait to party and have a good time with everyone at Sabaku Con!

DJ VYLTH is a Tempe, Arizona-based artist who is first and foremost a fan of fast, hard, and heavy music characterized by an abundance of modulation and distortion. With years of experience under his belt, VYLTH has honed his craft to deliver high-energy sets that showcase his love for the genre. VYLTH's performances are characterized by his signature sound and his ability to connect with the crowd. As a dedicated music enthusiast, VYLTH is always pushing the boundaries of his sound and striving to deliver sets that take his listeners on a journey.

ThiiNyx is back again with your love of UK Hardcore, DnB, and video game remixes! His popularity in the Arizona anime convention community has grown significantly to even play along side some of the best DJ's in Arizona. Since his start at Phoenix Comicon in 2012, he has brought the energy and excitement to everyone he plays to. So get ready and party with ThiiNyx!