Kaida Cosplay is an award winning cosplayer and is most known for her cosplay hacks on instagram and her Makima cosplays. When she isn't setting up cool photo studios at home and doing cosplay photoshoots, she is working on making her own cosplays. Kaida's cosplays have a jack of all trades feel since she does both foam armor cosplays/props and sewn cosplays. She also alters or makes additions to most of her bought cosplays, and her favorite part about cosplaying is wig styling. As a cosplay model, Kaida also spends her time editing her own photos and posting full photo sets to Patreon where she also teaches others how to make their own at home photo studios. Kaida has also collaborated with over a dozen brands on Instagram within the past year. She greatly enjoys interacting with others and talking about their most recent cosplay builds, ideas, and techniques!

Midnight Pursona is an award-winning competitive cosplayer out of Las Vegas, NV. For 12+ years, Midnight has been bringing entertainment and joy through her masquerede skits and TikTok videos. She enjoys creating unique make-up looks and creating designs and costumes wherever she goes. As a POC, Plus-Size, Queer cosplayer, Midnight advocates strongly for equality and diversity in the community and is open and happy to sit down and have a discussion on how to improve the community to make it more inclusive and welcoming for everyone. A few fun facts about Midnight: She has a giant love of cows and plushies, she entertains friends weekly on her twitch channel, she’s also an artist, and she's always ready to be a cosplay mom if you need one.

Maria AKA Oz Costumes carries a Masters in Costume Design and Technology from California State University Long Beach. She has been sewing professionally in the theater industry since 2019. With 15+ years of cosplaying under her belt, she has won multiple Best In Show and Master Division awards throughout the Southwest. Maria's core belief about cosplay is that everyone has the capability to learn and grow and that all skill levels should be celebrated. But most importantly, cosplay is for fun! She hopes to share her love of cosplay with others and offer her knowledge in various aspects of costume construction and cosplay competition. Currently, she lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and many pets.

Our Masquerade MC, Billy Bolt! Billy Bolt is a New Mexico-based cosplayer, propmaker, and entertainer who describes himself as a "professional nerd". Since 2013, Billy has been debuting elaborate foam and light-up cosplay at conventions, from Doctor Strange's magic disks to Escanor's "Rita" axe. In recent years, he has taken up commission work and hosting local events to bring together the community. Billy's work has received 5 awards (including Best Prop and Judge's Favorite), been featured at MakerFest, and has made appearances on multiple Marvel red carpet premieres in two countries Billy always strives to brighten someone else's day, whether through comedy, paneling, cosplay, or a simple smile. He enjoys lending a helping hand to other cosplayers, providing crafting advice and emotional support to help create a more positive community.

The Masquerade Half Time Show will be preformed by Kazha!

The Masquerade will take place Saturday, May 25th at 7pm in the Main Events. https://www.sabakucon.com/programming/panel/view/2136voqlu07q0mu

If you would like to be part of this year's Masquerade, online applications are open until Sunday, May 19th until midnight and at con registration will be available if openings are still available. Please register here under Rules: https://www.sabakucon.com/programming/panel/view/2136voqlu07q0mu

Please email masquerade@sabakucon.com with any questions.