Cos-Shaming: The Bullying Our Community Faces
05/26/2024 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Las Cruces

Ever made a really nice cosplay you were so proud of to only be told it looked bad? That's a case of cosplay shaming (cos-shaming), and in this panel, we are going to be talking about the negative effects of cosplay shaming and how it hurts our community, and how to best handle these types of interactions. This is a safe place where anybody who has been bullied (or has been the bully), can be vulnerable and talk freely (if they so choose) in this safe, judgement free and inclusive environment. Our discussion will dive into the many types of cosplays that are made, bought, gender-bent, OC inspired or dreamed up. No matter who you are, how much or little you make, everyone has the right to enjoy anime conventions and to be apart of this great community we work so hard to bring to our cities. So lets make some friends and spend the next hour building each other up!