Cos-shaming: It's Happened to Everyone.
05/27/2022 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Cosplaying is about living in the shoes of your favorite character. It's about going away to a world far from here and enjoying every second of the experience. Not every Cosplay is elaborate. Sometimes there are roadblocks that don't allow for every stitch on our homemade Link tunic to be exact. Still, the art of Cosplay is not in the details of the costume but in the enjoyment of the experience at a con or other event as a community. However, where there is fun there is also unwarranted behavior, and that is those who shame on others Cosplay. Whether it's the character of choice or the way the Cosplay looks, the unfortunate reality is that there are those in the Cosplay community who will pick apart someone's hard work (or all they could afford) and create a situation where frankly, bullying is happening. We're talking about the effects of cos-shaming and how it is hurting our community of fun loving nerds and fans who love to Cosplay. If you've been a victim of cos-shaming or have shamed someone else, this panel is for you to be in a safe place to listen too and share experiences.